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We use the Abeka Curriculum for 3 year old pre-school through 12th grade.

Instructions to re-enroll
  1. At the top of this page, click main menu then click student life.

  2. When the white menu drops down hover over it until you find and click the gradelink button.

  3.  Log in to Gradelink for Re-Enrollment

   4.  Click on the Re-Enroll tab on the left            side of your screen.

     *Follow the instructions to finish your           re-enrollment process.If you do not             see the re-enroll button on the left               side of your screen please call the               school office.

NOTE: You must enter the Family Site (not student site) to re-enroll.

What is Gradelink?


Gradelink is a informational program where parents can see how their kids are doing.It has many cool features ;for instance, you can set up a automatic alert system to your email account when your kid gets a bad grade or when they get in trouble at school. You can see grades right when the teachers put them in the computer. 


3 Year old Pre-School:

  • Recognition of shapes and colors

  • Introduction of letters and numbers

  • Social Skills:  interactive behavior, sharing, structured classroom time, separation from parents, learning to obey outside authority

  • Bible:  Each day the students listen to a story from the Word of God


4 Year old Pre-School (K-4):

  • Recognition of letters and their sounds

  • Development of motor skills by learning to write the alphabet and numbers

  • Beginning to blend special sounds

  • Phonetic approach to reading

  • Recognition of numbers through 50

  • Recognition of the days of the week

  • Social Skills:  interactive behavior, learning to obey authority

  • Bible:  Learns to recite the pledges (Bible, Christian, & American), memorizes verses, will hear a Bible story each day and begin to  hear personal application

Course of study

5 Year old Kindergarten (K-5):

  • Reinforcement of letters and their sounds

  • Intensive study of blending special sounds

  • Reading short stories  (Phonetic approach to reading)

  • Recognition of numbers 

  • Motor skills continue to develop as they write each day

  • Basic math concepts (simple adding and subtracting)

  • Social Sciences

  • Bible:  The students will actively participate in a Bible story each day and memorize scripture passages throughout the year.

Elementary Core:  

Bible, Math, Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Health, Science, 

Social Studies, Music and Art.


Senior High School Academic Tracks:


General - 21 Credits

College Preparatory - 23 Credits

Accelerated Academic - 24 Credits