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Pastor Jason Losier, Administrator

Pastor "Jay" has been teaching since the inception of the school.  He was the original principal until he handed those reins over to his wife in 2017.  He continues to teach high school and junior high classes--mostly Bible, Literature, and History.


Mrs. Jennifer Losier,


Mrs. Losier started as the pre-school and kindergarten teacher during our first year of operation.  Since then she has taught a variety of subjects and grades.  In 2017 she took over the role as Principal of GBA.  She is dedicated to the student's success.


Ms. Carol Thomas,
Lead Teacher

Mrs. Thomas was one of our founding teachers.  She has twenty-six years of teaching experience.  She teaches English grammar in the junior and senior high.  She brings great enthusiasm to her subject material.


Mrs. Nicole Updegraff,
Highschool Faculty

Miss. Nikki, as the students call her, was a founding staff member.  She started as the ministry secretary, moved into a teaching position, and finally runs the cafeteria full time while teaching a few math classes.  She has a real servant's heart and is willing to use her talents wherever she is needed.


Mrs. Cheryl Losier,

Ministry Secretary

Mrs. Losier joined Grace Bible Academy in 2004, when she took over as the ministry secretary.  She handles all of the day to day operations. She will most liklely be the first person you talk to when you contact us.  She also acts as our cashier during lunch time.  She works tirelessly at keeping things organized and tidy.


Ms. Jennifer Mekic,
Account Manager

Ms Mekic joined Grace Bible Academy in 2005.  She started as the lunch supervisor, responsible for planning menus, organizing lunches, and maintaining lunch accounts.  She, has since, added to her responsibilities as the accounts receivable coordinator.


Mr. Bob Hull,


Mr. Hull has been an integral member of our team since the beginning; however, he joined the Academy full-time after he retired from his job at Torrance State Hospital in 2006.  He keeps very busy maintaining and fixing.  He has to keep those "brown" slips from piling up.


Mrs. Lynn Faith,
Academic Support

Mrs. Faith joined the GBA family in the late fall of 2007.  She has miraculously stayed in the same classroom all of these years.  She teaches third and fourth grade.  Mrs. Faith's enthusiasm for teaching and easy going nature makes her a star to her students.


Mrs. Rachel Losier,
Support Teacher

Miss. Rachel came to the school almost the same time she moved from Florida to Pennsylvania.  She started in,2014, teaching kindergarten.  She has since moved to first and second grade.  Miss. Rachel is known for having a peaceable room.  Some call her the "child charmer."


Mrs. Jackie Thomas,
Lower Elementary Teacher

Mrs. Thomas joined the GBA family in 2013.  She taught first and second grade for several years.  She then went on maternity leave.  She is now teaching a Spanish elective and helping teach classes in the middle elementary classroom.  Miss Jackie is famous among her students for her story-telling abilities.  One of her students said, "I can't wait for the Bible story.  I just close my eyes and I feel like I am right there."


Miss Kati Thomas,

Upper Elementary Teacher

Miss Kati, GBA graduate of 2006,started the fall of 2014, although she had worked here part-time in the past.  She teaches fifth and sixth grade.  She prepares the elementary students for their time in junior and senior high.  She is dedicated to teaching students procedures and habits.


Mrs. Hazel Hull,

Technology Teacher/Advisor

Miss Sissy, as she is called at the academy, joined GBA in the fall of 2018  after retiring from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Miss. Sissy teaches computer classes to students in all grades.  She also advises and oversees our technology.  She works tirelessly at her job.  Sometimes you can come into the school at 9:00 P.M. and she is still there updating the technology.


Mrs. Sandi Lydick,
Cafeteria Assistant

Mrs. Lydick joined GBA in 2017.  She works part-time helping in the kitchen.  She joined the GBA family after retiring from the Latrobe Area Hospital.  Miss Sandi can literally run circles around all of us. 


Mrs. Deanna Stubbs,
Staff Support

Mrs. Stubbs joined Grace Bible Academy in 2016 as a substitute and P.E. teacher.  She continues to teach physical education to the elementary classes.  She also has taken the position as our resource teacher.  She tries to hide her generous and kind spirit with a rough exterior, but everyone who knows her experiences her kindness.


Mrs. Patricia Houpt,
Linguistics Teacher

Mrs. Patricia Houpt joined our school in the fall of 2018.  She brings with her fifty years of teaching experience.  Mrs. Houpt teaches French and literature classes.  Her concern for her student's success is seen by all who know her.


Teacher's Aide

Miss Andrea is a 2018 graduate of Grace Bible Academy.  She then came back as a teacher's assistant.  She works mainly with the pre-school and kindergarten; however, she has a willing spirit to go wherever she is needed.  


Mrs. Mallory Nguyen
STEM Teacher

Mrs. Nguyen is a 2011 graduate of Grace Bible Academy.  She has had two years of teaching experience at Pensacola Christian Academy and several years writing curriculum.  She started teaching junior and senior high science at GBA in the fall of 2020.

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