Our parents are very important to us.  We believe that the academy can  never take place of the parents, nor should we try.  We are simply another "tool" in the parent's tool-belt to help nurture and admonition of the Lord. 

   We also believe, that the success of the child depends on the involvement of the parent in every aspect of their life, including school.  There are several ways to be involved in your child's school life.

  • Parent / Teacher Fellowships:  Our parent/teacher fellowships (PTF's) are scheduled throughout the school year.  We love when parents can participate in the fellowships.  They can come in different event styles (e.g.  spelling bees, ice cream socials, chorus concerts, etc.).  ​​

            The first parent/teacher fellowship is held about two weeks before the opening of fall                  each school year.  This is vitally important, and even a requirement that parents attend. 

            During this fellowship we discuss changes of policy, different rules, and get on the same


  • Parent Volunteers:  We are always looking for parental volunteers.  To see more about this see our Volunteer tab on our site menu.

  • Fundraising:  Fundraising will be done periodically throughout the school year.  In order to keep our tuition costs as low as possible, we ask that all parents participate.

  • Visiting Hours:  We would love to have our parents come and visit us; however, we want the atmosphere at the school to be conducive to learning.  Please call and set up an appointment to visit the school.  Also, for security reasons, please check in at the office before entering the school.